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Quality policy

We are a leader in the development of ultrasonic welding technology for thermoplastics and non-ferrous metals. Our development and production activities take place at: Gotovlje 57 in Žalec.
Quality is the main direction of the company. Our main goal is to perform quality services and sell quality products in order to satisfy our customers’ needs.
We strive for quality that is optimal in terms of long-term economic impact and is in accordance with the business policy of the company. The customers’ opinions play a big role in evaluating quality.
Our products have to fully meet the criteria set by national and international regulations and standards.
The products should on the one hand satisfy the needs of demanding customers in their functionality and usefulness, and on the other be people- and environment-friendly.
The quality of the company also includes respecting agreed-upon delivery dates, availability of products, competitive prices, and a quality business performance as a whole.
The quality is primarily the responsibility of the company director, who plans and steers all activities towards achieving quality. The responsibility for achieving quality is partly also shared between the company employees in accordance with their jurisdictions and responsibilities.
The quality system is maintained in accordance with the demands of the international quality management and assurance standard ISO 9001. The quality system is documented in the QUALITY MANUAL, which is coordinated with practical applications.
• to improve important quality characteristics of products and services;
• to improve processes which do not achieve acceptable quality requirements;
• to increase the success of the company through constant improvements, cutting down costs connected with quality and improving the company’s business performance as a whole.
The well-defined numerous quality goals are part of annual quality programs, which are, in turn, part of the annual business plan.

Issue 3 / 28th February 2020