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The German company Asutec GmbH is a developer and manufacturer of high-quality separators and dampers. Among other requirements, the highest level of precision is very important for the automation of technological processes. As they say in ASUTEC, it does not matter which phase of the production process you wish to automate, their separators and dampers will make sure that the processes will run smoothly, quietly and flawlessly.

The pallet weight, which can be damped or separated by ASUTEC mechanisms, ranges between 200 grams and 3 tons.


The ASUTEC grippers with two gripper jaws are ideally suited for universal gripping in numerous areas of application. The use of high strength aluminium significantly reduced the weight while achieving a high degree of stability. Due to the oval piston geometry, the largest possible piston area is achieved, which leads to maximum closing moments and gripping forces. The position of the gripping jaws can be detected by inductive sensors and magnetic field sensors (C-slot sensors). The grippers are available in many sizes with a wide range of accessories.
You can choose between:

High performance

If you include ASUTEC separators and dampers in your own technological process, they will make sure your products are precisely positioned during certain manufacturing phases as well as reduce the time required to manufacture a single product from start to finish. With this, your production will be fast, the number of flawed products will decrease, and the costs will be lower. Consequently, you will be able to increase your revenue, as well as the safety of your employees.

Highest quality

ASUTEC follows all national and international standards. All products offered by ASUTEC are regularly monitored by neutral testing and certification institutes.


ASUTEC GmbH provides support and guidance during all stages of the value-added chain. For professional project planning and expert realization of your individual solution– strategic, confident and successful.