2nd – 6th August 2021

Summer holidays

Dear customers and business partners,

Please note that our office will be closed from August 2nd to August 6th, 2021.
On Monday, August 9th, we are with fresh élan and full of energy there for you as usual.

We wish you a nice and relaxing vacation!

VIAL Automation team

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July 16th, 2021

Retirement of our colleague

A part of the work-life story, which was often connected with our personal events, ended with our faithful, good soul Zdenka Špende Klemenčič, on July 16th, 2021. Expired or changed to a new source? The source of new paths and new events that she will now be able to share in peace with her loved ones throughout the hours of the day.

We, all our colleagues, would like to sincerely thank her once again for the irreversible time that we will all remember as beautiful despite the daily pressures that all entrepreneurs have, the dear and always the positive attitude of our good Zdenka.

Zdenka - THANK YOU!

June 2021

Teambuilding - KAL nad Hrastnikom

April 2021

Ultrasonic welding – the future of industries

Ultrasonic welding is a solid-state welding process for the permanent joining of nonferrous metals, e.g., copper or aluminium.

Ultrasonic metal welding is commonly used for the assembly of Lithium-ion battery systems of pouch type, wire harness and wire terminal or various other applications, such as electrical connections on ceramic substrates.

Some scientific literature highlights ultrasonic welding as the most common joining technique, which is considered proven and reliable. One of the advantages is joining of dissimilar materials, solid-state process, no need for filter metals or gases, low energy consumption and fast process and a perfect use for thin sheets, wires, or multi-layer sheets.

Ultrasonic metal welding is therefore mainly used for battery applications as well as automotive, electrical, and electronics industries. Nowadays, there is increasing use of sensors and camera systems which are finding their way into modern motor vehicles. Ultrasonic metal welding is in the automotive industry mostly used for connecting individual strands to each other or to a terminal.

The connection point must be designed to hold out the mechanical, thermal, and electrical loads during vehicle operation for the lifetime of the vehicle. Many automotive suppliers and car manufacture must follow government regulations and guidelines and therefore also demand statements on the reliability of the technology and production of the cable set. The best sensors and cameras are useful only if they are reliably connected to the control and regulation units.

We can conclude, that is ultrasonic welding a practical and solid-state welding process for connecting individual strands to each other or to a terminal. It offers extensive possibilities for process control and the system can be designed to prevent expensive rejects in advance.

Interested in learning more about ultrasonic metal welding or ultrasonic welding in general?
Contact our experts via email or phone.

March 2021

First ultrasound machine built in this year

January 2021

Broich Systemtechnik GmbH starts New Year with a new website

Click the image to view the website ↑

The new webpage from the company Broich Systemtechnik GmbH is new, fresh, and available in two languages.
Their products are separated into the following product groups:
• Belt conveyors
• Workpiece carrier systems
• Roller conveyors
• Chain conveyors
• Timing & round belt conveyors
• Storage systems

For more information visit:

December 2020

Good cooperation between Weiss GmbH and VIAL Automation d.o.o.

VIAL Automation d.o.o. and Weiss GmbH showed that good cooperation can lead to great success. VIAL Automation, which is in Slovenia and Adria the exclusive representative for the company Weiss, sold the Delta robot in cooperation with the above-mentioned company.

Delta robots are lightweight and fast. They are the champions of high-speed assembly and handling. The speed and precision with which they can pick, and place objects are highly in demand for automated applications in the packaging and electronics industry.

Benefits of the Delta robot:
• Ideal for high-speed assembly and handling
• High speed and acceleration attainable
• Gentle product handling
• Precise positioning
• Extremely lightweight robot arms
• Low space requirement
• Highly flexible
• Optimized energy balance via stationary motors and drives

Both companies are thankful for successful cooperation and look forward to making new ones in the upcoming year.

For more information about Delta robot visit:

November 2020

FIRST video inspection of ultrasound machine

November 2020

New website from our business partner Weiss GmbH

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November 2020

VIAL Automation safety precautions during the coronavirus

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October 2020

Teambuilding - trip to Pragersko

December 2019

Teambuilding - Axe throwing

February 2019

Fair IFAM Slovenia, Ljubljana

September 2018

Old-fashioned photo shoot - Anno Domini 1890

October 2015

Fair Motek, Stuttgart

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