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Our automation and ultrasonic solutions and services are suitable for use in a wide range of industries.

Automotive industry

The automotive industry uses welding solutions mainly for parking assistance sensors, headlight lenses, ultrasonic cutting for dashboard trim strips, wire splicing and welding of wires to a terminal.


The sieve and packaging systems are mainly used for medical purposes. In this industry, ultrasonic welding is considered for manufacturing masks, medical tools or accessories, filters, etc.

Food industry

The food industry uses ultrasonic welding solutions mainly for wrapping and packaging products. In this way it can extend the shelf life of food items and protect them from external influences. It is also suitable for cutting food items, such as cakes, cheese, salami, sandwiches, etc.

Home appliances

Ultrasonic riveting is an established and flexible industrial process. The home appliance industry mainly uses ultrasonic riveting and welding to manufacture housings.


In the field of electronics, a wide range of products in which the system of longitudinal or torsional welding techniques are used can be found. Qualitative properties of the ultrasonic welding process include lower contact resistance and lower mechanical and thermal loads during welding.