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Production automation

• Designing the concept

• Introducing the concept and final coordination with the client

• Assembly, installation and testing

• Acceptance and training of future operators

• Technical assistance and maintenance

• Handling systems

Linear assembly systems are often used for high-quality automation of technological processes. We help you to design and implement linear assembly systems that are energy efficient and extremely reliable - you increase productivity and reduce costs.

We also offer most modern "handling" components for a wide variety of production processes. These are programmable modular solutions, run by linear motors. With these components you can build a robot according to your needs. Handling components can also serve as additional equipment for all indexing tables, linear assembly systems or can be used as free-standing machines.

• Transfer systems

Transfer and transport systems are the heart of production line automation. We design and implement various solutions in the field of transfer systems, such as:
• Conveyors
• Toothed belt conveyors
• Clamping belt conveyors
• Rotary accumulation tables

• Rotary and ring indexing tables

Powerful and reliable tables - either rotary or ring indexing tables, are extremely important for automatic prefabricated applications. We master the planning, programming, and implementation of electromechanical tables.
We offer:
• TC-T electromechanical indexing tables
• TR-A electromechanical indexing tables with a large central opening
• Freely programmable NC-T indexing tables
• Freely programmable NR-Z indexing tables with a large central opening
• Freely programmable indexing tables with a TO-A linear motor for the highest dynamics
• Freely programmable CR-C indexing tables for heavy loads
• Freely programmable TH indexing tables for big axial tilting moments.

We offer all peripheral devices in rotary or ring indexing tables, such as:
• Machine bases
• Base plates
• Rotary and standing indexing plates of the highest precision
• Control options.

• Robotics

We offer our customers advanced solutions in the field of robotics for manufacturing.
We implement solutions and offer simulation services as well as SPS programming for robots.