Bodmer Küsnacht AG

The beginnings of the Swiss company Bodmer Küsnacht AG can be traced to 1908, when their entire business began as an entrepreneurship. After the end of the Second World War, the company was taken over by Gottfried Bodmer. His company was the first in the world to patent the so-called BK taumel riveting in 1962. This is the most modern two- and three-dimensional riveting and cold forming process, which is used in various industry sectors.
The Bodmer product range also offers various dedicated cold forming units.
In cooperation with Bodmer Küsnacht AG, VIAL Automation d.o.o. offers the highest quality taumel riveting and cold forming products.

Take a look at the whole Bodmer Küsnacht AG product range:

Riveting units:
  • riveting spindles
  • cold forming units
Riveting machines:
Additional equipment: