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The German company Broich Systemtechnik GmbH, managed by the founders Alfons Broich, Roland Müller and Andreas Wett, is an ideal provider of transport systems and production process automation.

They listen to customers, respond to their requests, and advise them on transport systems. Together with customers they develop optimal solutions to simplify production processes for companies. Over the years, Broich Systemtechnik has become a trusted partner and is relied on by international customers from the automotive and food industries.

They offer a wide range of transport systems:

  • They are suitable for transporting a wide range of products and are used in all areas of automation. In addition to otherwise successful and stable aluminium transport systems, they also offer stainless steel transport systems for the food industry.
Pallet transfer systems:
  • With the Easymove product line, it is possible to transport pieces with a load capacity of up to 100 kg. The modular and standardized concept of load-bearing systems ensures a good price-to-quality ratio and short delivery times.
Segment conveyors:
  • Segment conveyors have long been successfully used in the field of automation. Thanks to a strong and high-quality construction, they can withstand any conditions.
Roller lines:
  • They are robust and versatile. In addition to drive roller lines with appropriate accessories - such as B. 90-degree and 180-degree curves - they of course also offer gravity roller lines.
Multi-lane conveyors:
  • The usage of multi-lane conveyors is suitable for transporting heavier and longer pieces, such as bumpers, profiles, panels, moulds, etc.
Storage systems:
  • Accumulation tables for collecting, mitigating, and conveying stable and push parts. They are suitable for transfer in and out, rotation and stretching in even a small space.