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Did you know that the Swiss company TELSONIC AG, founded in 1966, is the only company in the world, that aside from longitudinal ultrasonic technology also offers torsional ultrasonic technology for plastic welding?

At VIAL Automation d.o.o. we are convinced that we will be able to find the right solution to considerably improve the quality of your production. We can even more confidently claim this, if your company is engaged in the welding of plastics or metals, cutting, carving, perforating, cleaning or sieving. TELSONIC products are used by companies in various industry sectors: automobile industry, medicine, cosmetics, food industry, industrial engineering etc.

Ultrasonic technology is very exact, fast and economical.

Take a look at the areas, where it is possible to implement ultrasonic technology:

Plastic welding

Metallic welding
Cut and Cut’n’Seal technologies