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Dieter Weiss, the German founder of the company Weiss GmbH, decided in 1967 to start an independent journey. His goal was not to follow the crowd by manufacturing already existing products, but rather to be one step ahead of everyone by creating something new. He succeeded and today WEISS is an internationally renowned top supplier of electromechanical, servo and torque indexing tables. Their products are the basis for automatic and compact assembly systems. They are fast and precise.

Check areas:

1. LS 280 linear assembly system

2. Handling components
3. CLEANLINE (Cleanroom Technology)

Take a look at the rich selection of WEISS transfer and manipulation systems for automatic assembly applications:

LS 280 modular linear assembly systems with fast switching time, where the transport of workpieces runs in a line. Electromechanical indexing tables. The switching is done with an unchanging repeated step:
  • TC-T electromechanical indexing tables
  • TR-A electromechanical indexing tables with a large central opening
Freely programmable indexing tables. The acceleration and speed can be adjusted:
Finalisation of indexing tables and rings:
Control options:
The most modern handling components.
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