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The German company LUTRONIC GmbH, set up for international operations in 2016, is specialized in actuator and sensor wiring solutions in automation.

The company shares in the specific know-how of LUMBERG Group, which established the M12 circular connector as a global standard in the early 80s. Based on this, LUTRONIC produces and distributes as a sister company to the Lumberg Group, quality M8 and M12 circular connectors for customized signal, data, and power applications.

Discover the Passive Distribution Boxes by LUTRONIC

Series M8 | Passive Actuator/Sensor Distribution Boxes M8
  • Passive actuator/sensor distribution boxes, with LEDs, 4, 8 or 10 M8 ports, IP67, main connection by cable or M12 connector
Series M12 | Passive Actuator/Sensor Distribution Boxes M12

Discover the Machine Lights by LUTRONIC

6157 8055 S01 4W
  • Linear LED light, 4 W, 160 mm length, with solid aluminium housing and frosted tempered glass, IP67, with male M8 connector
6157 8055 S03 8W
6157 8055 S06 16W
6157 8055 S09 24W

Wide selection of connectors

LUTRONIC also offers a variety of connectors that meet all requirements for use in harsh industrial environments.
Check out their connectors in the catalogue below.