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Electric Foil Feeder

For ultrasonic applications and much more.


Without complications, smarter, scratch and trace free.
Use FV-340.


Environmentally friendly



Low maintenance costs

Electric Foil Feeder FV-340

Own serial product

Our experienced professionals, with a desire for better and easier transport or foil feeding, decided to improve and develop an Electric Foil Feeder that they can market under their brand.

The ideal solution

With ultrasonic welding, the sonotrode can leave marks on the workpiece and the only solution is to use the electric foil feeder, which prevents the welding sonotrode from leaving any marks.


Suitable for transporting or feeding for a wide variety of plastic and textile foils from 10 to 100 mm wide and 100 to 340 mm in diameter. *

* If the dimensions of the foil are outside the norm, the electric foil feeder can be adjusted according to customer requirements.

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Electric Foil Feeder