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Ultrasonic protective cell, TYPE US-800

Our company’s product – VIAL Automation’s peripheral product

In VIAL Automation d.o.o. you will find experts who deal with innovative solutions for the automation of production processes.
Our main fields are:
ultrasonic welding, orbital riveting, operation and sensor technology.
Among other things, they have developed the ultrasonic protective cell in different variations and levels of automation that can be used in a wide variety of automation processes. With the integration of our protective cell, you will raise the working conditions in your company to an even higher level!

Ultrasound is the technology of the future

The use of ultrasonic welding for thermoplastics and non-ferrous metals has been rising in industry, which is due to the fact that it makes the manufacturing process more economically efficient and technologically optimal. Two operating frequencies, 20 kHz and 35 kHz, are used as a standard in the industry. Both frequencies are outside of the human hearing range. Due to certain characteristics of the workpiece (shape, material etc.), a sound can occur during the process, which spreads throughout the human hearing range – from about 50 Hz to about 16 kHz. This sound can be irritating. The sound is eliminated by integrating the machines into our ultrasonic protective cell.

Ultrasonic protective cell for better working conditions

European standards increasingly emphasise the safety of operators and third parties, therefore VIAL Automation d.o.o. has decided to develop an own product to remove the harmful effects of ultrasonic frequency. Our experts have developed the ultrasonic protective cell (UPC), which improves working conditions in the industry and raises them to a higher level. It protects ultrasound technology operators and their co-workers from disruptive influences. The ultrasonic protective cell was tested at the renowned Swiss Institute for Safety at Work (SUVA). The UPC, marketed under VIAL Automation’s own brand, meets all international standards.

The ultrasonic protective cell (UPC) is

An acknowledgement to the company

The UPC prototype was added to the range of products of the highly regarded Swiss company TELSONIC, which is, due to the high technological demands and reputation of the company, an acknowledgement and recognition that we have developed a high-tech product the market needs and wants.

A technologically advanced solution

that enables cost-competitive and technologically superior performance for the most demanding customers.

The highest level of environmental awareness

The UPC is not only technologically efficient, but also takes into account the demands for a great reduction of disruptive environmental and human factors. It is adapted to meet the highest EU standards in this field.